What I'm doing now

Last updated: 11 May 2024

Working at Ambitious Impact

Since August 2022, I’ve been working as Director of Operations at Ambitious Impact (formerly Charity Entrepreneurship). I find it challenging, a lot of fun and the team is top-notch. My assessment is that this is the best way at the moment for me to have a great positive impact on the world’s most pressing problems.

Digital nomad-ing (with a base in London)

When we moved to Ethiopia in 2019 the idea was to travel and work in loads of places, but the pandemic halted that a bit prematurely. We want to try to live up to that ideal as much as possible now, so since October 2023, my partner and I have been living nomadically in stints several weeks long and then coming back to London as our base (petsitting whenever we’re back).

Getting into shape (or at least trying to)

Stumbled upon Julian Shapiro’s guide to building muscle and felt like I finally had all the tools I needed to reach some of my fitness goals.

Learning to meditate

I'm using the Waking Up app from Sam Harris to finally learn how to meditate. It's something that I've been wanting to try for a while and I've always known about the huge benefits of mediation. For me, I'd like to improve my thinking patterns and try short-circuit some of the negative doom loops I get into. I basically would like to know how to get out of my head when I most feel trapped in there.

This page is inspired by Derek Sivers.